ok so here is the deal i have been shopping and shopping and shopping for a acoustic electric now and the only brand i havn't tried to much is alveraz just because i don't know where to find a dealer in my area but so tonight i went to GC and tried some more out the have the breedlove ac25/sm plus i was really interested in this one just because i love the on board tuner and look of it but i played it for awhile and it just wasn't quite for me so they still had the taylor 214ce it caught my eye a couple weeks ago and i loved it! now i really was aiming for a solid wood guitar but I just cant beat the feel of this guitar

so i put 50$ down i told the guy i want to sleep on it and think about it what does everyone think go for it?

oh ps like i said i just didn't really like the feel of the breedlove but they knocked 200$ off the price!! 800$
I'd go with whichever guitar wins in these categories, in this order:

1. sound
2. feel
3. looks
a guitar is a very personal thing. if you like the 214ce then buy it.

but the categories above are pretty much what most of us went by. my pick guard is pretty damn ugly but i don't care cause it sounds and feels amazing.
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If you like it then who's to say that it's wrong? I wouldn't ever recommend one to anyone who asks me, but really... whatever floats your boat.
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Check the Breedlove AC25/SR Plus. I just got one yesterday and I see your looking at the more full body one. I love this body shape and cutaway. Feels and sounds amazing, and you should be able to get one for only a little bit more. I paid $860 even for mine and it retails for about $1500-$1600. Check my thread for pics, but yeah, go with what one feels and sounds best to you. Good luck!
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