I want to play with good heavy distortion liek metalica, ozzy, gnr. I am replacing the bridge pickup on my slash epiphone only which is a humbucker. What humbuckers are good for my sound under 500 bucks?
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You wanna play Metallica on a P90?


Try a Seymour Duncan Distortion or something by DiMarzio. They have an open coil active pickup, though I don't remember the name.
I love P90s, but for starters P90s aren't humbuckers, they're just really big single coils. As well, if you're looking for the sound I think you are P90s aren't going to get you there any time soon.

EDIT: I play Converge through a P90. If he tried hard enough he could probably play Metallica too.
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P-90s are NOT humbuckers unless you buy a custom humbucker designed to sound like a P-90, such as a Seymour Duncan "P-90 Stack."

A P-90 is an old-school single-coil pickup that is commonly used for blues and classic rock music.

See the guitar in my sig, which has a "dog ear" P-90. The dog ear refers to the triangular tabs on the cover where the screws hold it to the body. Another P-90 is known as the "soap bar" which looks like it sounds - just a rectangular cover with no dog ears.

Most P-90s don't have the output for metal, which is why they're used for clean or overdriven blues, rock and punk.

EDIT: Oh, and yes, they are good for a lot of styles and sounds but they are not brootal.
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Look at some DiMarzios, the high end Ibanez's have them, People rave about emgs but I'm not crazy about them. Also Some higher output Seymour Duncans. However I do tend to stay away from anything that doesn't look like a regular humbucker. But yeah, I'd recommend a Dimarzio. Remember that the sound is mostly amp though. I mean the pickup really defines certain styles and sounds based on what type it is, but you need a high gain amp to create that sound. And lastly, stay the hell away from a p-90. Solid pickup, I love em cause there kinda like a noise canceling single coil, sorta. But yeah for you..there a nono
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p-90s are good for green day and stuff like that. but if you wanna play metallica you need some emgs. 81 in the bridge. 85 in the neck
The "Mississippi Queen" Humbucker sized P-90, by Bareknuckle does wonders with distortion.

Get a nailbomb on the bridge and a Mississippi Queen on the neck, and you're set
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i have a Les Paul Junior with a P-90 in it...and ive played Master of Puppets with it before, it doesnt sound bad at all, you probably just wont get a REALLY heavy tone. id say go for a humbucker.
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