If so, can you please answer a couple questions? I am trying to get a home loan before all the stuff changes on October 1st, and I have already been approved for a loan, I am only borrowing $60,000. I continually give them everything they ask for,and they keep saying that is all I need, then come back and say I need something else. My loan is supposed to be a fixed no money down with all the closing costs beng tied into the loan, now after I got everything they asked me for they are saying I need $4000 in reverses before I can get the loan, which is more than the 2-6 months of reserves my research says they require. They are saying I only need to show it in my bank account for 3 days so they can take a picture that it is there. I am worried that all they are doing is trying to stall me till after oct 1st, and once i have $4000 in my bank tell me that since I have that, I will need to use it as closing costs. Does what they are doing sound right? Are underwriters being told to make it as difficult as possible for people right now? Is there anything I can say or do to make them follow through on this? If anyone has any knowledge of any of this I would appreciate anything you could tell me. Thanks