Or navel whatever you call it. Pretty much the title says it all. Just out of curiosity. I was sitting here then all of a sudden my stomach got itchy, and i scratched it and then i started picking at my bellybutton, and it occurred to me, why not ask the pit?
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Whenever I feel like it.
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Whenever I notice that it's dirty.

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I'm gonna be honest and say i've never actually cleaned it.
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^yeah that would be the problem here, they're a few tiles short of a roof and wouldnt undertand.

whenver i sit there shirtless after a shower and see its dirty.

thats usually every couple of months

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What the hell is a belly button?
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i've never really had to, it doesn't stick in that far and i have a fairly flat stomach so it just gets washed when i shower
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every few hours with my handy dandy belly button cleaning kit
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Best title for thread ever..
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^^Too bad I can't do this in real life
Its a daily thing for me to fling my belly button lint at my girlfriend.
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Pick your bellybutton and then smell it. Bacteria will build up in there over time and it'll smell just dandy.

Of course this is more for innie people.
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[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']FUCK YES.

My navel gets cleaned out when women do body shots off my washboard abs, sucka.
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mine is a pain in the ass to clean, i just get out all the visible lent or whatever you wanna call it.
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Pretty much whenever i lift up my shirt there is lint there so i clean that shit out quite often
Everytime I shower.
I've never had lent in mine. I think that's gross for some reason.
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i have yet to find....the point of this thread?

wears a mod when u need 1?

*looks at a KFC*
I haven't ever cleaned it, mabye unintentionally, but never to where I was like, "OOOHHH BELLY BUTTON CLEANING TIME!! YIPEE!"
Man, I didn't clean mine for ages. And then about a week ago I got an itch in there, so scratched it. A huge bit of Lint type stuff came out, and it smelt like feet. Was nasty.

And I am the only one who now has an itchy belly button after reading this???
Oh good im not strange.
Im considered a weirdo by friends and family for picking out bellybutton lint daily.
...retards. -_-
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i tried it once and it kept dirty and dirty every time i wiped it so i just stopped i dont go near the thing now
Very rarely...
...I have bottlecaps, loose change, pens, a copy of Diablo and a small Vietnamese family all residing in my navel.
Sometimes when I'm bored, I just stick my finger in there. If there's fluff on my finger when I take it out, then I get the rest out.

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Mine really hurts when I go in too deep. So I don't touch it very often.