So I currently have a Fulltone OCD pedal. I love it dearly but sometimes it doesn't give me the crunchy metalish tone I crave. What are some good pedals to get a fatter more "metal" sounding pedal?

I primarily play a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (white lightning) and a Ibanez IC400 Iceman.

I have been looking at the metal muff and the metal zone.
Any Suggestions would be greatly apperciated.
My ibanez DS7 is godly in my opinion, but other people like the big muff pi
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HRDs and metal do not mix, if metal is the main thing you play you oughta to think about a new amp.
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get the metal muff, not the metal zone, god I hate the metal zone, and metal master, and metalcore, horrible horrible pedals.
I dont play metal mainly. in fact I hardly play metal but I still want something a little harder. I love my hot rod deluxe.
Check the Zvex Box of Metal.
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