I need some extra elective credits to graduate from my high school early and so I was looking through a list of classes I can take online to get those credits and one of them is a guitar class.
I have just recently started trying to play electric guitar and currently don't know anything really. So I was thinking that it might be a good idea to take this class to learn a few things about it.
So pretty much, I'm just wondering what your guys opinions are on taking an online guitar class. Do you guys think it's a good idea? Bad idea? Or maybe one of you have taken a class like this before and can tell me more about what to expect and your experiences?

Thanks in advance for any responces.
How do you take an online class for High School? Are you getting graded?
idk, do what you think. if the teacher is nice it'll be easy
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Just be ready to devote about an hour a day. I took a guitar class in high school, but actually sit-in, not online. I remember seeing some beginners struggle because they never practiced. The tests were really easy though and he taught with tabs due to laziness.

If you can't do chords, that is what it is solely based on. So be prepared to practice those.

Other than that, I can't really remember what else we learned, but i'll try to update it soon.

if you know that you really like guitar and are planning to get good at it anyway, just take the class cuz it'll help you learn faster and get you some credits to go
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I like playing guitar, and I've been trying to self teach myself so when I saw that the guitar class was one of my options I wanted to jump on it right away.

And to the person up there that asked how I'm taking an online class for high school... I'm taking the class through BYU, and they transfer the credits into high school credits.