My band is playing a pretty big battle of the bands in my city. there will be a lot of bands there and we only get a 20 minute set..... since its so short we have 4 songs on the set. we mainly play classical rock. tell me what you think:

Original Fast/Fun/hard rock type song - 3:30
Call me the breeze first verse and then blues jam - 4:00
Original Indie/epic/multi part song - 7:30
Baba O'reilly - around 5-6 minutes

Basically I don't really know if half original will be enough to please the judges.... tell me what you think of this setlist.
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thats going to easily take more than 20 minutes. probably like 30. sounds fine though.
I'm not a fan of Call Me the Breeze, but I'm not going to criticize your songs choices. However, I do not feel that Baba O'reilly is the best closer for your setlist. I'm not sure exactly what you guys are looking for, but I'd go with something like The Song Remains the Same by Led Zeppelin.
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