hey all, ive always been big into tele's and such but after i get my PRS, im not going to be in any position to make another major purchase on a guitar. but looking around rondomusic i came across a 100 dollar tele that caught my eye.


if i get it i will obviously look to put new pickups in and new tuners eventually and all the stuff. and i love how its made out of solid alder. not cheap plywood or other crap like that. so i was just wondering if anyone happened to have played this guitar and if it is worth the buy to mod in the future.

yea, im kind of used to it since ive been playing on my cheap squire strat for about a year and a half now. so im used to taking the stings off and pickguard off to clean out the pots and change pickups.
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it looks okay but from what i can see it looks like you need to remove the pickguard to get to the wiring, like my cheapo guitar. its quite annoying to have to restring the guitar everytim you want to mess with the wiring. also theres no backplate to get to the springs if you were to change the bridge. if neither of those bother you at all, then i say go for it and good luck

The Hell are you talking about? It's a tele, it has no springs for changing the bridge. And you only have to remove the jack plate to get to the electronics, you have to remove the pickguard to change the pickups.