Normally I'm a jazz guy, but lately I've really been wanting to learn how to play blues harp. Is anybody on here a harp player/ know of a cheap, decent model I can get?
well good harps are about $20-$30 so you won't have to bust the pocket to get a good one.
Hohner Special 20 in C would be a good harmonica to start with, and is highly recomended by many people.
I got one from a toy shop about 8 years ago, can't play it one bit...

Was only about £5 so it's probably a crap one (always blaming the instruments). If you want to stick at learning to play it though it would definitely be worthwhile getting a decent one as they're not hugely expensive.
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I have seven Hohner Special 20s. they're a higher end model, but that still only makes the $30 at the very most. I've played other models as well and the Special 20 is easily my favourite.
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