I'm looking to get a distorto pedal by BOSS but i came to 2 different ones.
~MT-2 Metal Zone
~ML-2 Metal Core

I like metallica, slayer and a7x
I have a fender princton amp

I am want to get an ORANGE half-stack amps soon

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None of the above?

You could probably actually do those bands with an MI Audio Crunch Box, but look into an EHX Metal Muff as well.
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I would go for the Metal Core all the way. It has really nice lows for A7X style stuff. The Metal Zone has a lot more mids which is like earlier Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera stuff.
i have the metal zone which gives me a wide range from metallica to pantera to even pearl jam
but ive never tried the metal core
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Metal zone is blistering
Metal Core is abit better

Metal Core+EQ Pedal is nice

But if you want something real,
Get a Blackstar HT-DISTX

Blows any Metal Muff or Metal Zone out of the water

I own the Metal Core, and would recomend it to any metal fan. Most guitarists desire one thing from there distortion boxes, and that is a shitload of crisp, crystal clear distortion. The metal core provides that, with grind enough to spare. Let your amp/guitar take care of the rest if your looking for tone.

BTW: the metal core comes with the mid's already scooped, the metal zone has two mid-range controls so you can either boost or scoop. Doesn't matter either way though, since this is most effectively done with your amp's EQ.
Crisp and clear should not be use in the same sentence with either of bosses metal pedals, they are buzzy muddy junk.

I hate to be a broken record, but fenders aren't for metal, though if you insist a metal muff oughta be alright.
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id saw the metal muff is better i do like the metal zone and if it was between the two (core and zone) i would take the metal zone
Boss make some crap distortions

The metalzone is no exeption.

The metalcore plus an EQ pedal (The EQ is important) you can get some OK tones.

The metalzone is HORRIBLE. Dont even think about buying it.