here today, gone tomorrow,
never again, too much sorrow,
left before i could say goodbye,
your bodys as cold as the dark winter sky,
my lungs are frozen, air can't escape,
i want to scream, but its already too late,
your life was taken, almighty or not,
he sits up in "heaven", as i sit here and rot,
screw our savoir, to hell with it all,
he gave me legs, but i can't do more than crawl,
my minds feeling steady, not clouded but true,
belief has been taken, by his skins pale hue,
to hell with it all, to hell with this life,
to hell with the pain, end it tonight,
to die is to live, to live is to die,
tomorrow is lost, don't listen, don't cry

not really a song more like a poem about a lost friend crit if you like if you don't its cool with me
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that's really good man, I wish I could write like that, wanna actually start trying to do some of my own stuff.