hi everybody, i've got a jazz band concert in a few weeks and in the intermission our director is looking for people to do some solo or duo/trio/quartet stuff.
i have been watching these videos of john frusciante playing some covers with just him and his strat. i noticed how they just sounded so great and i wanted to do something like that.

so my question is, what are some kinda pop songs from the 60's or 70's that would sound good with just guitar and vocals?

mind you i have a pretty good range (but everything in falsetto is somehting i'm not sure if i want to do)

johns stuff


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I saw John do "For Emily, Whenever I may find Her" at lollapalooza a few years ago. That would be a very good one to do, nice and short, the range is ok if you can pull off the two strong high parts.
The sound isn't the best on this one, but you can see the chords very well:
Here's the original: