WELCOME TO THE S. VII - Open Polls Thread

If this is your first time here or if you need any information as to the way a certain contest is run, read up here: Contest Info Thread there you will find a step by step article on how to get started in the Contest forum.

Below are a list of all the currently active and newly finished polls and threads in Contests, use this thread as your one stop shop to see exactly what is going on in the forum. You can always help out too, if you see a thread or Poll that is not on the list then post a link in this thread and it will be updated as soon as possible.

If you would like to update the entire thread then quote this opening post and replace/remove links as required, then just post the reply, the thread will be updated as soon as the Thread Starter or a Mod is able to.

If you're posting only links in this thread include all the details below:

- Name of the comp or competitors
- Link to each thread
- The points being wagered (1v1 Only)
- End date or Due Date for polls/pieces

Current Threads
Last Update: Jan 19th

Competitors -------- Wager -------- End Date

ZanasCross Vs EaglesTalon - 2 pts - Jan 23

Comp Title -------- Round -------- End Date
Colour Comp Final Round - Jan 19th
Mixed Lines Comp Final Round - Jan 20th

Sign-Up Threads:
Comp Title -------- Open/Closed -------- Due Date
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