Can you also upload it at MIDI? I permantly don't have gp on this computer
I'll crit as I listen.

Main riff is pretty good, but the second guitar could do with improving - maybe some harmonisation rather than playing the same thing? The strings in the intro are good, but a bit more suspense would be good - however it'd probably be better with real instruments. To be honest the strings in 'intro 2' sound a bit wierd to me, but other than that it's good. I liked the first verse and breakdown very much. The chorus was good, and the bridge riff was nice but to me there seems to be a little too much use of strings in the chorus and bridge. 'Bridge 2' is good. The chorus is good but as before I wasn't keen on the string part afterwards. Guitars in the outro were good, created some decent suspense there. I felt that it would've been better with a short solo or something in there, but thats just me. Good effort. 7/10!
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