these lyrics refer to guitar itself and the metal genre as a whole, and at the time i was loving the idea of sweep picking a little too much (even though i cant do it well enough yet) so u can only imagine what the solo will sound like if i get this completed

but comment please.....and im debating on what key, i should have this in, and no i dont know what they sound like right off the bat

(clean-acoustic intro)

The volume's at 11, but still it aint enough
This is not for the squeamish, or the weak of heart

Natural selection, only the strongest will survive
whether its 1000 notes per second or bringin tears to the eyes

(Interlude-small melody)

6 metal strings that evoke such emotion
Unlimited combinations helped spark a revolution

There are those who view this as musical pollution
But many just ignored them and embraced the evolution

(clean- bridge)



(BREAK !!!!-distortion)

Epic solo (twin guitars harmonising with dragonlike sweeps)