My Epiphone Explorer has developed an odd habit of having the treble pickup cutting in and out. While I'm playing it on the treble pickup, it works okay sometimes, then crackles a bit and stops, then comes back on. It used to do it on the rhythm pickup, and has changed over to the treble pickup.

I've pulled the guitar apart and the wiring to the switch, the pots and both pickups is solid.

Any suggestions?
Different cable should work.
May also be the wiring to the pickup, or the input jack.
I'd try replacing the input jack first.
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Sell ur Epiphone and buy a Gibson, Problem solved
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scott58 - That's what I thought initially, but if it was the jack, wouldn't it do it on both pickups and not just one?
If the wiring is fine, and by that I assume you checked it with a multimeter, then either a pot is fried or the selector switch is screwed, replace whichever it is.
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The pots in epiphones are awful.

The best thing I've done to my G400 is rewire it to the proper Gibson 50s wiring. There were a lot of excess wires and the job was pretty shoddy. Replacing the caps, and the wiring made a great change to my tone. Less is leaking to ground and the new caps give much better sweep through the range of the tone pots. I also replaced the pots because my neck volume pot wasn't fully functional. It is now perfect.