I just recorded an old LP with audacity and Ive split it up into tracks and exported all of them as seperate WAVs. The problem is, the files are so huge. The average song length is 5 minutes and theyer all about 50 MB each. All my other songs which Ive gotten off of CD's average about 3 to 4 MB each and they sound better even. So is there a way I can bring these newly recorded songs down to about 4 MB each without losing quality...??
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Use a lossless codec. The files will still be pretty big though.

Otherwise, try OGG Vorbis or AAC.
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Or just high bitrate MP3.

Of course there will still be loss of quality.
all you need to do is convert them to mp3 files.
you can do this on iTunes, Windows media player, etc. or download a free converter
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Yeaaaa, wav files are huge.
Audacity lets you export as an mp3
MP3 files with a bitrate of 192 is pretty much industry standard right now. Sounds good, with a low file size.
WAV files are lossless, are they not? Well anyway, you'll want a converter that can convert WAV files into other formats like OGG, APE, AIFF, and of course, MP3.

This is what google is designed for. Type in "WAV converter" and "Freeware", and you may have yourself a program that can convert that cumbersomely large WAV file into a considerably smaller file.
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Ok thanks. Ill look into getting them converted.

Right now they are all 1411kbps and all my other music is at 128 kbps. I honestly cant tell the difference in quality. They both sound good. Do any of you notice..? Somtimes I cant even tell the difference between 64kbps vs 128kpbs or higher. Except 64 seems to loose bass.
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How do you convert them using windows media player...? I only know how to do it in there while ripping off a CD.
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Search Google for a free program called CDex.

If you listen to your music loud you'll notice a difference in the bitrates of MP3 files. Like mentioned above, the bass is affect among other things.

192k MP3s are considered "close to CD" quality.
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It also seriously depends on what stuff you're using. If you have a Sennheiser HD650/AKG K702 and a good headphone amp, then MP3s will be quite painful to listen to. But if you have basic iPod earbuds, you won't care as much.

You could also use iTunes to convert the files. The settings are under Advanced...afterwards, just highlight the files you want, right click, and select convert.
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Ok thx guys. I went ahead and just downloaded the LAME mp3 encoder thing and did it right in audacity.
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