Ok, so im looking for a Distortion pedal for my bass. Trouble it im on a realy tight buget. Can anybody recomend a realy cheap Distortion pedal? Im also looking for a cheap Wah pedal, recomendations for that would be great too.

Thanks in advance.
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For your cheap pedal needs, buy danelectro. The fab pedals (cheapest danelectro pedals) aren't really bad at all, they get kinda muddy if the gain is too high but they're not bad at all if you keep the gain lower than half way up, that's the distortion/OD pedals though, the flange is awful stay away from the fab flange, but the chorus is incredible for how cheap it is. Danelectro has higher quality pedals than the fab line, the fab pedals are just rediculously cheap, I bought a hand full of them for $15 each brand new. Actualy I won't go on, I'll just give you a link. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/navigation/guitars?N=100001+304262&Ntk=All&Ntt=danelectro&Nty=1&page=3 Theres a Wah wah in there too, never used it but it's cheap enough to give it a shot.
basically any electro harmonix muff would work. They're inexpensive and pretty damn good for the price. The Russian Big Muff is the cheapest of these, and the most widely used distortion by bassists. however it is a guitar fuzz, and will suck your low end like no other. But, EHX have finally realized that bassists (*gasp!*) actually exist and have their own effects pedal needs. as a result, they now make two new bass distortion/fuzz pedals, the bass big muff and the bass blogger. the muff is supposed to be good, similar to the russian muff, with more low end a few new features. I haven't heard much about the blogger, but the overall consensus seems to be that its not that great. MXR makes the el grande, which is supposed to not be amazing, but it is cheap, very versatile and sounds good for the price bassfuzz.com has a great demo of the bass muff and the el grande, plus a lot of others you might look into if you're willing to save up a little

As for wahs, it's hard to find really cheap ones, even really bad cheap ones. the two main bass wahs (and also some of the cheapest) are the Crybaby Bass Wah and the Morley PWA-2. I've never used the morley, but my teacher showed me his crybaby and it was good. very funky sounding. I have a PWB (mostly because I worship Cliff Burton, and don't know when else I'd need a wah in my metal band besides my own stuff, for which I can use anything I want). It's similar enough that I can safely tell you some basic differences. the morley uses an optical sensor instead of a potentiometer. This means that the pot will never wear out. It is one of the least "vocal" sounding wahs around, and has a really small sweep range. don't let that stop you though. the crybaby is very growly and funky, with a moderate sweep range. There are probably enough demos on youtube to help you decide, even if you can't try one out yourself

Also, for the best prices, use ebay. despite what some people say about it, my experience with it has been good.
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Cheap bass overdrive would be Danelectros, from personal experience though id much rather save a bit mor for a boss. They are much more rugged and can handle anything you throw at them.
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Depends what sorta fuzz/od / distortion U R after. Big Muff-(pref Russian version but USA one OK) is great!!! Boss ODB-3 OK but a bit too "buzzy-Bee" sounding for me, Behringer's Sans amp BDDI copy, the Behringer BDDI21 is a darn good one,is a DI also & does a great snarly tube like overdrive. For $90US Look on Ebay for "Humphrey Audio Badder Bass Monkey" it's a modded Digitech tube OD & it gives a real tube overdrive-full on tube amp at FULL ROAR!!! Best Tube OD for the $$$$. But for Little $$ IMHO the Behr. BDDI21 is hard to beat!!
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Hey thanks guys, i wasnt expecting so much information. UG, your the best!
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If you want distortion to be an important part of tone (rather than an occasion specific effect) then save up a lot of money and get a really good distortion. I had a Fulltone Bass Drive shipped over from the states and I don't regret it for a second.
Otherwise, the Digitech is pretty good, and the Boss ODB-3 is solid, but the tone is love it or hate it (I hate it, hence getting the Fulltone. A blessing in disguise?).
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Cheap is relative, but I've recommended the Digitech Bass Driver before. If that's too expensive, you're SOL. Considering buying Behringer because you're cheap is like considering drinking sewer water because you're thirsty. You get dillusional.

Cheap pedals will make your tone sound worse than a clean tone will. Nobody needs a cheap anything.

And wah pedals you don't want to cheap out on - you step on them a lot and they need to be strong.

But, then again, the Bootsy wah has a distortion built in.
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I once got a DanElectro pedal for free for buying two sets of bass strings--I still think I got ripped off. They sound crappy and don't take any sort of abuse. They are the disposable Bic lighters of the stomp pedal world.
Cool, I think ill just look around E-Bay. That way i could get a more expensive pedal secondhand.

Notes for this thread:
-Dont buy cheap Wah
-Dont buy DanElectro
-Go with Digitech or Muff for cheap distortion
-Look in to the Bootsy Wah
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Jesus Paul Jones and John Bonham.

What? I don't see a mistake in that sentence.
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danelectro sucks nuff said

if i were you i would buy digitech or boss

indeed. though the distortions they sell at Target consistently suck. though they sell nice straps. that can go shorter than many...
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