Lead Guitarist in NC looking for a band. I'm 17, 18 in 2 months. I live in woodleaf, which is just outside of salisbury and about 45 minutes away from statesville. I'm looking for some hard metal like death metal, or thrash metal or hardcore, though I want to keep a nice melodic quality to songs, and have plenty of solos (as most music now-a-days has almost none) I'm not very experianced as far as playing with other musicians or being on stage. I was in one band for a while, played one show, it went pretty well, but our band has since broken up, everyone going their seperate ways. What I'd really like is maybe an established band, or a band of experianced musicians. But I'm also up for everyone being new to a band too.

post in here or my myspace is www.myspace.com/afailingheart


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Hey...you're in North Carolina right....? just making sure I have the NC correct. Some of my family lives down there...but that's not important.... Im just above you In Central Va. I really need a guitarist for an industrial/ hardcore metal band im working on....I know the distance is a bit much but would you be able to travel at all? Im sorry if this is asking a bit much...but im finding NO ONE in my area.... I have a drummer and i am searching for a Bassist....and a rhythm guitarist as well...so PM with the info if you are at all interested..or even just to tell me you're not.. a reply either way would be courteous.

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