It's hard to describe, but every once in a while i have trouble with my right hand on certain riffs. For Example Rose of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage:

Pm . . .  . . .  . . .  . . .  . . .  . . .  . . .   . .   . .

My right hand kinda locks up and i dont pick as smooth and as cleanly. My timing then gets thrown off and it kinda effs up the whole song. When this type of riff gets really fast my picking hand just decides to become retarded.

Any exercises or tips to improve on this style of riff. Some days i can play this stuff perfectly, then other days my hand just doesnt cooperate.

P.S. on this riff i downpick the whole thing, should i alternate pick? I have no trouble with alternate picking.

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id alternatle pick hitting the notes on the higher strings with downstrokes and the lower strings with upstrokes

as for the not being able to play well sometimes maybe you need to warm up more
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thanks for the help. Usually this issue comes into play l8r in my practice like after a few hours.

its wierd though cuz its only on these types of riff where i have the trouble, like i can start out sweeping and soloing without warming up fine, but i try and play a killswitch or as i lay dying riff and sometimes its really sloppy.

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maybe it's the 3/4 rhythm, it sometimes messes me up when i play it, you just gotta tap your foot and concentrate

edit: i down pick but that's just my level of skill, im not very clean if i try to alternate in between the strings
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that could be it too, cuz it's the odd rythm of the riff thats more of the problem than the physical act of picking. I always seem to play these riffs better when i faux headbang, maybe i should do that lol.

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Just practice, there's no trick for most things on guitar. Alternate picking would be easier, but you don't need to. If you are good at down picking, it's worth the tone to try it.

Also relax, you're locking up because your putting to much strain on your hand. It happens if you are very cold as well.
thanks guys, working on it now, just being super relaxed seems to help the most.

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Haha, Dan, You can hear how they do it too obviously. . . . that's the only way you can get that fast enough us up down up down on and on. . . .
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