I've been playing seriously for about a month now. I can play the "open chords" and some basic riffs (intro to one, intro to second heartbeat, most of Collective Soul's shine) I'm looking for what to do now. I need some songs that are good to play at a camp, but are not the usual. Also, I need some songs that are simple to play so I can practise my open chords. Thanks UG!

and I used the searchbar, it didn't help
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Bob Dylan-Knockin On Heavens Door

Most peopple know the lyrics not to hard to play,perfect campfire song
Heres a quick lesson
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holy grail - hunters and collectors
brown eyed girl - van morrison.

i started learning guitar when i was 10 and i could do those songs after a month.
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The best really is to find the songs you like and learn them. Since you learned the intro to one, I'm guessing you like Metallica. Nothing else matters could be a good idea, seeing as a big part of it is chords, and it can easily be strummed. It also contains a few barre chords, so it could help you with those aswell. Fade to black's verses are also open chords, so you might wanna look into both of these.

That's all I can think of right now. Look into your fav bands and find songs you like that involves open chords.
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i wouldn't mind knowing some cool riffs to play either!! Come on
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A man chooses, a slave obeys.
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