let's call it "good song that's too short" ?

I liked the beginnning very much, the arrangement was thick, the rhythms flowed well and the harmonies had the right sense of driving urgency. A+ performance here, ranks up there as one of my favorite segments of yours (btw: you and/or your band ever got around recording by now? Would love to hear some of your stuff for real)

However, personally the song totally fell apart for me in the 'Dance' segment. May sound stupid, but this may be an age issue - as I can recognize this thing is something many young bands do nowadays, which I can't get into. If that's what swings your groove, by all means keep it, just in my personal perspective this and assorted scene-isms are supposed to indicate 'quirky irony' - bear with me here, it's good that things don't get taken too seriously, but personally it comes off as random at best and grating at worst to me.
Things picked up steam a bit later on with the breakdown and outro segment. Now, I can see this was supposed to be a buildup-device, but I preferred you dropped the middle and expanded it into a more 'serious' convention, which has high potential to make it a downright epic. But hey, you are the judge.

As for the genre, you don't really have to ask anymore, I think. The people here that observe your contributions regularly will surely know your style by now, and you yourself probably have obvious influences (so just namedrop those bands instead). Personally it reminded me of some Chiodos or Coheed and Cambria. Especially the odd times and leadparts can scratch at what is considered 'prog' (just as an adjective, not necessarily as a genre), though thankfully not in a contrived "hey look at me, odd times, I am prog"-kinda way, if you know what I mean, but in a naturally flowing sense that it doesn't feel odd-timed but rather indispensable. If I were to make a more thourough genre analysis, it would end up being some useless post-something hyphenated stuff anyways.
So, if you would grace this with your patience once more to do a rework (ie. lose the scene-isms in the middle... or hey, if you want to keep them, at least execute them in a more engaging way), maybe with some vocals on top, I'll be a happy camper. Anyway, keep it up!
Unlike Ailes I rather enjoyed the 'Dance' section, though that title undermines it, it didn't sound very dancey, more like a more quiet serious verse. You really should consider repeating some of the riffs in this song, maybe making an epic chorus to go along with it. It was definitely better than I expected, and the 'Dance' section didn't sound funny as I expected it to.
Firstly thanks for the crit.

I liked the intro riff and the riffs and keyboards in the 5/4 break, although I wasn't too keen on the drumming. The verse is nice, and the 'dance' bit adds a nice twist to it. The breakdown is more interesting than the usual lowest string chug-chug-chug which was good. I really liked this overall, and nice outro, but the song needs to be at least twice as long IMO. its good though. 8/10.
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i like it but i felt that the synth killed the 5/4 break. and i dont really like the electronic sounds in the dance break either. but the guitar parts in the intro and outro are awesome. drum beats are good too, overall.