Hey everyone, I've been looking into VHT amps lately because I've heard they have a "dry" sound and that's one of the sound I'm going for. I was looking at a Pitbull Ultralead but they're $3500!. I play any kind of metal, from Korn to All Shall Perish. Which would be better a Deliverance 120 or a Sig:X?
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VHTs are metal amps. Try them, duh. It's personal preference, at that level.
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I have very little experience with their actual amps, but I can tell you that VHT power amps are the SHIT! Great power amps.
The Deliverance is a sick amp, I would've bought one if I didn't need more than one channel. It's very versatile, but if you need it to be live, not so much.

The Ultralead is awesome, I wanted one of these when I was looking for an amp, but I couldn't find any good ones used for a good price. If you really want the best, I'd go with this one, just look used, you can find them for as low as $1500 if you look hard.

The SigX I wasn't much of a fan of. It was like a cross between the UL and Deliverance, but it needed to be pretty loud to get any decent tones out of it, which you could then get a better tone (imo) out of any of their other heads.

The other Pittbulls are also an option, some are more "metal" than others though, and if you do end up getting one, you want one with a graphic EQ.
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thats like asking "what paintbrush is better for painting?" :p. VHT amps are all good at metal its just up to the player's opinions as to which one is right for them.
Myself? i like the Deliverance
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Adding in my opinion, I think VHT's suck. I just hate their sound. I played a Pitbull, hated it (couldn't get the amount of gain that I wanted even at 10), and I've also heard someone play a Deliverance in person. I don't get why people like that "dry" sound, it just sounds so lacking.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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I would go with the deliverance. I played the whole VHT lineup at a guitar center in Pheonix, AZ, I thought all the amps sounded nearly identical.

IMO, the Ultra Lead was basically a deliverance with a GEQ.

For the price of an upper end VHT, I'd go with a used Splawn Nitro, Marshall KK + vox AC30 for stereo rig (buy used of course), framus cobra... and quite a few other amps. When you're considering a $2000 amp
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