its like 2nd hand, but it wont have ever left the shop. its like a demonstration guitar. ive bought several keyboards and things b-stock, very cheap, all you dont get are the manuals. i think with guitar itll mean its just been broken in, but not a lot more. hope i helped, peace.
it might have a little ding or scratch. Nothing serious but they cant sell it full price/new. A bit like outlet stores sell clothes with slight de-fects
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So the quality isn't any different than a regular guitar?

Can't say for sure. Depends on the reason why it was stamped as a B-stock.

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If you're talking about it related to Musicians Friend, be careful - I've heard of B-Stock that's just a tiny nick somewhere you can barely see, but I've also heard of B-Stock with a big gash in the finish through to the wood - and you don't know until you get it in the mail.

They don't actually give you that much of a discount, percentage-wise - IMO you're better off keeping an eye on your local craigslist or on the classified ads here, and buy the same guitar second-hand - typically you can demand pictures first or even see it in person if it's a local ad, and most people I know treat their gear much more carefully than the store ever will (even the gear I gig with, I treat VERY carefully when I'm not playing, and baby at home).
i've every guitar that i bought was b-stock and at 10% off floor price.
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