I currently use a line 6 75 watt amp but my friend is going to sell me a traynor 30 watt tube amp soon, but the only thing about the traynor is it doesnt have delay. i always have some delay set on my line 6, but is it important to have some delay on all the time, or just during solos? In other words, would the traynor sound fine if i bought a delay pedal just for solos or should i have another delay for like a slapback during verses and choruses? and yea, i know my line 6 sux
I'd say try it out first. I've never been a big fan of Traynor's (and I use Line6) so maybe Im a little biased. But reguardless you should try it out for a day or two before you buy it. You should be able to tell if it'll sound good after an hour or two messin around with the settings
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If you always use delay, the Traynor is going to sound empty without it. Delay is a matter of personal preference, not what amp you have.
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