Within the next 4-5 years I plan to trying to attend Music College, hopefully Berklee, for Music Production and Music Business.

I have been playing guitar for a little over 2 years but I havent really done anything music wise besides a few garage bands with my friends and a couple Music classes in High School like Music History and Music Theory.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest if there was anything i could do outside of school to help me along with, not just a resume, but a valid learning experience with music. Im not sure what direction I should really take if anyone has suggestions. And no rape plzkthx.
Volunteer your help in any company's offices near you that deals with music production, saying that you want to study it in the future. Local radio stations might be a good option. Don't expect to get paid, but working for free can really really boost your CV. Worked for me anyhow
Get a job at a music store. You'll get to know the instruments better and the marketing behind them.