Well i started learning guitar for a few months now and the thing is whenever i try learning a song i get frustrated by how my guitar sounds different/bad compared to the song and i just give up..
Its like i hear the guitar in a song that sounds real nice, it motivates me to learn it then as i figure out the notes i just cant get into it because of how i sound and stop. And i know i could tweak the amp settings and all but it still wont sound nearly as good as the song.
Does anybody else feel the same way?? how do you deal with it? please i need some help or advice.
What amp are you using? You will never get the exact same tone as your favourite artist, unless you use the same equipment and everything, really.

So yeah, everyone goes through the 'my tone is rubbish, I want it to sound like that!' phase once or twice. The fact is, you probably can't get it unless you change most of your gear.

So yeah, everyone goes through it. Don't worry!

I'm sure one of us guys can tell you want sorta amp you'll need to get that tone, so yeah, what amp are you using just now?
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Also, make sure you're not using shit tabs! But don't get too disheartened.

+1 to what Lil Macker said though.
The only advice i can give is to not worry how different you sound to your favourite artist but kind of think of yourself as the 2nd guitarist and you adding to that song not trying to just blend in, focus on how you want to sound and play along to the tracks as if you are an extra member.
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^ +1

Dont try to sound exactly like [insert fav artist here], that is kind of unrealistic, as you must remember that they have expensive equipment + most albums have a lot of fancy things done in production, ie. multiple guitar tracking etc. So you will hardly ever sound 100% like the artist. So dial in your amp to get a sound that can compliment it. (There is an amp settings thread somewhere around UG) Most importantly, if you can't get to sound like them like technique wise, use this as motivation, as that's what your fav. artists are for, inspiration. Playing music is fun, dont get down just because you can't sound 100% right, trust me, you'll get better with time!

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