My friends got a crap starter amp at the minute and is looking to upgrade to an amp around the £150 range.

I dont anything about bass amps, so ill just leave this as this.

the one i got today, ashdown perfect ten, £100 best in its price range (ashdown five fifteen is 120 but never been a fan of 15" speakers)
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+1 to captain jack, and if your lucky you probably could get an Ashdown Electricblue for about £160/180.

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Ashdown are always a good choice, and you can even pick up an Electric Blue second hand if you're lucky, managed to get my Electric Blue 150 from a friend of a friend for £60. So shop/ask around.
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ASHDOWNS, they are the king of moderately priced bass amps.
i got an ashdown abm recently :P
im selling my ashdown EB 15 180 for £190 ono, its less than a year old, and in great condition.