Hey guys, I've been in the market fo a good tube amp and I have around 600 to spend... Some people have suggested a Peavey Classic 30, but I was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions.

I play an Ibanez RG1570 now, with its stock pickups, through a Cube 60 (which is a good amp, but I can't seem to get that much versatility with it, most of the settings end up sounding muddy)

I've wanted to get a nice tube amp to have a good sound to work with, and I'lll probably get a pedal or two when I buy it. I play some classic rock and alt rock (mostly foo fighters) but I especially like instrumental guitar (Petrucci, Gilbert, Satch)

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
The Classic 30 with some pedals is a great setup. You may want some more gain for your instrumental guitar needs, but an OD should cover it.


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Alright, cool...

If anybody else has a sugestion for an amp, I havnt completely decided yet... Ill go try out the peavey though.
Classic 30 will be perfect for you. You might want to also try out Palomino's if you can find them.
I'm going to guitar center this monday so I'm gonna try a Classic 30 if they got one... Since I dont feel like starting a new thread, what kind of pedals should I pick up?

I have a crybaby classic and a DS-1 (which is okay but ill prolly get an OD to replace it)
You can get a used Classic 30 for half that, or a used one in like-new condition for about $400.
Quote by Midnight Murk
You can get a used Classic 30 for half that, or a used one in like-new condition for about $400.

If I could pick up a good used that would be awesome.. That'd leave money for me to replace the tubes or get new pickups for my ibanez
I brought in this thing for $440 last October. It had two hours of use on it, but not a scratch on it.

Peavey Classic is a great amp. I gig with a Mesa or a vintage Fender, but Peavey is solid. I could totally get away with a Peavey Classic series if I had to - and you can't beat the price.

I've used Peavey stuff here and there for over 25 yrs and it's never been bad at all. Almost any decent guitar, a Peavey classic, and nothing else, and I could play pretty much any gig I normally do without any worries. You should really look into those.
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