i have an Ibanez rg4ex1 and am tring to get the action as low as possibe, but cant get the rattle out of the low E string when lowering to desiered level.

i have the pivot screws for the bridge down pretty low in relation to the body of the guitar, (bridge is Edge III) and also have the trem tilted slightly upward so that i can bend higher than stock. the action seems high to me, but when i go to lower it I start to get wicked fret buzz.

Im starting to think i need more neck relief but am not sure. I have compared my guitar to the stock models at the shop and their action is excellent with a minimal amount of buzz and an almost perfectly straight neck.

I have changed string brands recently and went from 56, to 46 on the big E. all the other gauges were the same.
To check if your neck needs adjustment use a capo at the 1st fret and with one hand fret the 6th string were the neck meets the body which I believe is the 17th fret on most Ibanez RG's.

While the string is being held down at both ends there should be a little space between the bottom of the string and the top of the 7th or 8th fret, it's should be a small space, like 1/32nd's of an inch. If it's too far, too close or even touching then you need to tighten or loosen your truss rod little by little and retuning your guitar everytime you make an adjustment so that it's acurate.

This should get rid of or at lease minimize the buzz you get from your bass strings with low action settings.

Or like most lazy asses might tell you on this site, you should take it to get it professionally set up.
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Take it to the shop where the other guitars are and see if they can show how they do it. I find it helps to learn how they do it, that way I'll know how to do it right the next time. Also, I'm sure it won't cost you anything since it's just a simple fix that you need help with learning how to do it yourself.
On the other hand, is your Ibanez have the locking nut (Double locking tremelo system)? If it's just a standard nut, the low E groove might be to big for the 46 since you had a 56 in that position. I've had success lowering my action on a few of my guitars, but none had a tremelo system. Hope that helps!

Bertallica's tip is also one you should definitely try!
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