Right, basically i want a new tubed amp for about 500/600 quid or 1000 bucks for all you american dudes. I play all the rock stuff and go for some indie tunes aswell. I wanna start playing GUns n Roses stuff especially the lead stuff cos Slash is just ace.

So basically i want to get a good valve/tubed amp for about 600quid max. I would want decent cleans, and marshall drives. Ive looked into the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (and then get a OCD or ts9) the marshall vintage modern 2266 head, dsl 50 head and the rocker 30 head.

Ive already got a marshall 4x12 cab so would prefer getting a head, but combos are cool aswell.

Anyone got any suggestions for which amp is best or should i look at other amps which are.... Cheers
If you want a Slash type tone, I'd suggest either of the Marshalls.
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buy fender, sell cab, by ts808

If he's going for a Slash tone (british voiced), buying a fender (which is american voiced) is not the way to go.

Look into used Marshall's and oranges, gimme a sec and i'll edit in a list.

Vintage Modern
JCM800 (from the early 90's or earlier)
Any plexi you can get your hands on
Orange AD30
Rocker 50
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Carvin DC747
Ibanez RG2228
Schecter Avenger Custom Shop
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hell yes a rocker 30.
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rocker 30 or used jcm 900. pefect for slash.

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