It's my birthday coming up and I'm not sure wether to get a Fender '62 Jaguar for £460 or a Fender Deluxe Roadhouse for £400. Please can you help?

Also don't say get an amp I've got a vox ac 30 and that does the job.

And if its important I play the likes of the Libertines, Babyshambles and The Raconteurs.
for those kind of bands you'd should alos consider an epi dot
i know pete plays a 335
Fender Telecaster (MIM) <- the sentimental one

Fender USA strat

4 standing Oasis tickets, Cardiff 12th June - selling at face value go!
Probaly the strat, looks really good.
What I want in my rig (Bold = gear I have):
Ibanez SZ-520QM
Vintage VECJ100BK
Epiphone Dot
Laney VC15
Boss GE7
Boss SD1
Zoom G2