basically there are loads of different scales. but which ones are good to learn for rock/punk/metal(core) that sort of stuff.
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erm most minor scales in my opinion and learn the different positions!!!
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Pentatonic are pretty good, but I can't play them.

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Minor pentatonic scale in all positions. After that learn the Minor Scale in a positions.
For all styles: Major, Minor (all forms) Major & Minor (all forms) Pentatonics are pretty much essential. After that, learn to arpeggiate chords (for melodic soloing - Marty Friedman), then try to learn your modes.
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if you are in this genre all you need is the Ionian and Aoelian made (major and minor) and their pentatonic neighbours and occasionally throw in a b5/#4

its better to know how to use scales than slave over the interent for them