I'm thinking of getting into recording some stuff, mainly vocals and acoustic guitar to start with. So I was looking at condensor mics and the mxl 990/991 package seemed good, but I don't really much of a clue about these sorts of things so if anyone can recommend me some other mics for around 100 pounds, feel free.
Also, I'm probably going to be recording on a fairly old computer (I think its about 6 years old, maybe older which I know is ancient in computer terms) I don't know anything about the specs. I've cleared all of the old rubbish out of it and deleted all the unnecessary programs and such like and it seems to be running alot faster and I won't use it for anything but recording, all my music is on a separate computer. Do you think it will manage to record at all?
I was thinking of getting the Emu 0404 interface (has to be USB 2.0, no firewire ports) since its got phantom power and seems to be pretty decent. But again feel free to recommend anything around the same price range.
The Emu and the MXL pack seem to be a good fit for what you are doing. You won't need a powerful computer to record...many people are quite happy with Celerons.
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