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There is nothing that
This line break chokes it for me maybe find a way to separate the lines into individual sentences well keeping the meaning if possible
Can stop you asking
'What's the point?'
When you have me
When you don't
I just have to say that the above lines + the one below this, are something I have felt far too often and you put it well
What is the point?
When i choke on someone else
The above line kind of caught me off guard, seems out of place, are you suggesting that when "he/you" are hung up on someone else? If so it seems kind of out of step, but maybe I'm just getting the wrong meaning from that line.
When you forget my name
If you have to ask for a reason
I believe there is no reason
For you, for me.
Wouldn't change a thing for the end, as again from my perspective how I'm interpreting I just lived through it, and honestly I can relate quite well to that bit. And you put it again quite well.

Overall it was a good read and enjoyable.
I want to say expand it, but at the same time I don't because the short conciseness of it is perfect for its theme.
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