Just picked up a used 1993 Epi Les Paul Standard for dirt cheap since it was missing a tone knob, switch tip and 3 screws off the jack plate. (Owner was gonna throw it away cause it was missing these parts....crazy, huh?)
Anyway, was looking online/ebay for the replacement parts and figured for a dollar or two more I might as well just replace/upgrade the toggle switch and jack.
Was going to go with Switchcraft parts as this is what Gibson uses, but I see alot of jacks/switches online that say they are "Switchcraft style" (at www.guitarfetish.com and ebay). Would these be just as good as real switchcraft parts? Any differences? At 1/4 of the price, they're tempting...
Also, if I'm going to the trouble of replacing jack and switch, would I be better off to go ahead and switch out the pots/wiring while I'm at it? Is it worth it? My only hesitation here is that down the road I want to install Jimmy Page style wiring on a guitar (might do it on this one or my other les paul, havn't decided yet)
The guitar came with Seymour Duncan pickups so I'm not planning on changing those.
I'm very comfortable with doing the soldering and minor electrical work (done it before on other style guitars), so that's not an issue.
Thanks in advance for the input!
I learned one thing when i did a re-build on a budget...

you get what you pay for...
The "switchcraft style" is a copy how good a copy is anybodies guess. The epiphone copies seem to go out pretty fast. If your going to redo it then go with the good parts.