So, I pulled out my strat (MIM Standard Strat) today and I noticed that there is a lighter spot on the pickguard. I tried to rub it, but nothing changed. It is oval-shaped. It looks like it might be from the sticker that was on it when I purchased it, but I bought it over a year ago. I've never noticed it before, if it was even there before. Also, the guitar has only been its case for about a week, so it hasn't been sitting out in the sun or anything recently.

Has anyone else had this problem on a new guitar? Also, is there anything I can do to fix this problem besides changing the pickguard?
a can of spray paint?
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Is it really that noticable? If you can't really notice it, there wouldn't be much to do.

Anyways, pickguards aren't to expensive, maybe $20 for one, or £30 or something for a Fender one.
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