Is there any way you can increase the output of a single coil pickup? Because i play a lot of metal so i usually use guitars with humbuckers, but i recently rebuilt a Samick i bought a while back and im wondering if the single coils are going to be able to sound as heavy.
you can do the ultimate strat mod, but other than that no not really.

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Get some stacked singlecoils like Yngwie Malmsteen

too poor

im looking for a very cheap mod here
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you can do the ultimate strat mod, but other than that no not really.

Not sure if this is what he's talking about, but if it is, it's all you can do.
Unless you buy some real high output DiMarzios or Duncan Single Sized Humbuckers.
^ I was going to suggest that. I did the mod before the guy with the Pillsbury Doughboy avatar started a new thread on it (even though I already had), and it really makes it sound much more like a humbucker, more midrange to it, or at least it sounds like it.
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for higher output, you could buy an EMG afterburner or SPC. the afterburner is a guitar mounted boost for your signal, up to 20db i think. same goes for the SPC, but it boosts the mids 20db.
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