Alright...so, I heard a song on the radio for like, the third or fourth time in my life and I love it, but I can't understand a word of the vocals, so I can't find it based on lyrics. It sounds sort of like a beach song (if that makes any ****ing sense) and it kind of reminds me of the Pulp Fiction song


The main bass riff is like this:

E| 0--2--3--2-0-----------------

If you play the regular notes as if they were eighth notes, then play the ones in bold like they were sixteenth notes, and the final open A like a quarter note, it sounds about right with the timing...

That's the best I can do.
Can anyone help me?

oh, and it has a bunch of girls singing, and some guy with a weird voice, and an organ....?
Definetely rock lobster lol, got that just from bass riff although should go CACB on last 4 notes