me and my dad were so happy to learn that the AC/DC tour was coming near us. this is important because me and my dad don't have much in common except this band. the tickets went on sale saturday and i look for tickets today and they are sold out. not only that, but the tickets were $90 anyways so we couldn't have been able to go anyways because it's a 5 hour drive (i figure the trip would have cost about $350-$400).

why does AC/DC have to be so damn popular?
Cus they're so damn ancient, they picked up alot of fans in 30+ years, and people want to see them before they croak.
You honestly expected to get tickets on wednesday after they went on sale on saturday?
Honestly......I'm lucky enough for AC/DC to be even coming to my cities so I dont have to drive and see them....therefore, I was damn ready to buy those tickets on saturday when they were for sale. Plus I'm in the fanclub thing, got em early and got damn good seats on like the 15th row
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you barely would of had a shot if you tried getting tickets the day they came out. most places sold out in < a half hour. i got REALLY lucky that i got back of the area nosebleeds.
dude... they came out Saturday, which means you would have had to get them on Saturday.
You would've had to have gotten them literally as soon as they went on sale.

Sorry to hear that, though.
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I was pissed because I'm in Mexico when they come to Vancouver and all of my friends were teasing me about it. The show sold out in 4 minutes and none of them got tickets lmao