im thinking of getting some new pickups for my MIM strat... I want no hum, and I want the neck pickup to have a heavy metal rhythm sound (sort of metallica or skid row-ish chunky rhythm), the middle to be a vintage sounding, 60's strat sound with a stairway-y type of acoustic clean sound, and a bridge pickup to have great sustain and harmonics as well as high output. Im thinking of dimarzios but i need advice from a very experienced player so i can get the best i can. thanks
i have a spider III 30 watt and a podxt live. i have the SPINAL PUPPET amp model on with a noise gate to cancel the hum of the overdrive so i have great amp tone its just the pickups hum, the harmonics suck, only one pickup sounds okay, and they have low output. i just want awesome pickups to make my guitar flawless
You wont hear much of a difference in sound if you get new pickups. You might as well save your money.