Hey everyone,

I am currently playing out of a pretty new Peavey Bandit 112 (pretty good, loud 80w transistor amp). It's been great so far, however, I find when I play certain notes (particularly low, open strings and Cs in various locations on the fretboard), the amp makes some sort of loud, vibrating, humming noise, and rattles like no other, which obviously throws off my playing and sound (especially when I'm playing in a jazz setting). Originally I was told that the speaker was loose from the rest of the amp, and that tightening the screws that keep it attached would fix this problem. However, I find that this no longer works. Anyone who has experienced this before, or who has any ideas for me, please let me know what you think!!! (or if I should just take it into the shop...). It would be a HUGE help for me.

Thanks a lot...
If your amp has a reverb tank, its probably just the spring rattling. Try to move it to more level ground.

If not, then somethings wrong.
please be careful poking around inside of your amp. Please make sure you unplug before checking and take to a tech if it not the reverb, settings, fret buzz, interference, etc. It could be a loose screw or something.

We don't need you being the 3rd person I'm aware of in 2 weeks who has asked for advice on this kind of thing and never came back to report results. I recognize the amp you have.