So I'm considering putting active EMG's in my fender jaguar bass ( http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/EMG-EMGJ-Active-Bass-Pickup-Set?sku=301518 ) but I dont know if there would be any problems installing them because the actives in that link are for a jazz bass. my jaguar has pretty much the exact same pickup set-up as a jazz, but would all the weird control knobs on the jaguar make installing new pickups more difficult? also, the description of the pickups says maximum string width shouldnt exceed 70 mm...does it really matter?
Well there's a problem anyway. The Jaguar is passive right? You'll need to route out a battery compartment for those pickups.
I guess you could do it but i don't know what you would with the knobs on the upper left of the bass. And setting up the pick up switches might be a bitch to do.

I love my jaguar's sound as it is now. I put a badass II and i could not believe the difference. Gives it a marcus miller/flea(on stadium arcadium) tone.
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I put Quarter Pound for Jazz bass in m Jag.

Sounds much better, I got some pro's to do it, but all the switches work

and the active circuit works with them to. which I use about... none of the time to be honest,
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