Ive been playing guitar for about 2 years and my girlfriend was giong to get me a guitar pedal for our 1 year.

I was looking at the digitech RP250 multi effect pedal.

I wanted to know what every1 thought of it so i can decide if i want to get it.

To me it seems good because it has all the effects that i want + more and its also cheaper then getting the pedals seperatly.

Thank you
I think a Line 6 Pocket Pod would sound/work better for you.
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I have tried the digitech pedal and i liked it because it was pretty much a lot of effects in one thing so it was convinent.
its fun for a couple weeks to maybe a month then its just....eh.
im just talking abouit the RP thoug. the pod's would be better for you though.
The effects on that pedal sounds cheasy and digital.

I wouldn't buy it, not even for bedroom practice.
I agree, the sound is very digital and unappealing. I would recommend a Line 6 if you want the modeling or a Boss ME-50 if you want just the effects.
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I have it but like the other's said very digital sound. Good for home practice I still use it of course I dunno what to say plently of effects on it.
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well i disagree i have a rp 200 and i love it, Is it the top of the line no but is it a great starter pedal yes! you name the band and somebody probly has made a patch to re-create there sound! i started out with the rp 50 that a friend loaned me then i found the rp 200 at a pawn shop for 70.00 dollars and well worth it,,sure i could buy all the pedals that i wanted but i wouldnt know how many individual pedals it would take to get all the sounds you can get with a multi effects pedal! Now if i where you i would get there new pedal the rp 350 it actuallywrks mor like separate pedals and its built like a tank,,,,That will be my next pedal for sure!
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