Sup nig nogs? I'm at that point in my life where I gotta get my shit together and make something of myself. Problem is i have horseshit grades. BUT, i'm pretty much the illest at drawing cartoons. I've won awards and money for it too.

So, I was wondering how exactly you get into that stuff. Like is there a special school you have to go to or what? I'm pretty pumped up for this cause now I'm probably gonna have the sickest job ever where i get stoned draw some pictures and collect a fat check instead of sucking **** for crack change.

Any help would be great thanks
Art school.
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Art School
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some sort of Art School
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I would've never guessed you got bad grades you seem so intellectual.

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Art School
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you would have to go to an art school. they are usually pretty hard to get into and you would have to submit a portfolio of some of your work in order to be admitted. also as far as it being a job... your not really gunna make much money. hence the term "starving artists". dont get me wrong you might be able to find a job that pays really well but its not so common. at least ull enjoy yourself though. good luck. also most employers will want you to not be high when your working. if your planning on selling in galleries and stuff, again, being high will probably not be tolerated and its EXTREMELY hard to make any sort of a living off selling your art in galleries. i have a friend who's a pretty kickass artist and hes been at it for about twenty years now. he sells his work in galleries and works two jobs and lives sorta comfortably but i dont know where youll find two jobs that will allow you to get high and still produce gallery art. despite its jovial facade, the art world is actually pretty serious
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art school
art school
art school
art school

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I would've never guessed you got bad grades you seem so intellectual.

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