Having a hard time figuring out which Distortion pedal to chose.. I want one that fits for Heavy and Trash Metal, with exceptional sound, one that can give you insane power when you want to, and very soft distortion when you want that, one that's kinda easily adjustable.

But there's so many out there, and ppl are saying different things about each of them. Haven't tested anyone out, and It's quite hard for me to do it as well since i live quite far away from where they sell this stuff. This is the first time i ask in any forum about this, and i hope i can get a lot tips etc here.

Price doesn't really matter

a metal distortion pedal that can go soft? not gunna happen
a Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory it'll get everything from a TS-9 tube screamer to the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone & digitech Metal Master
I have one and i love it

i'd get a new amp head first though
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ESP M2 with EMG-81's and a Line 6 Spider III HD75 with a 4x12 cabinet

can some one make sense of this for me please?

chances are if you don't like the distortion of your amp, it's time to get a new one
Good luck getting a pedal to sound good through a spider. If you can't get what you want from the built in effects, it's not going to happen.
Yeah that's the amp i use home, not more really. Practicing with the band we're at a local place where several other bands practice, and there's some Fender FM's there, can't remember the exact type. On concerts we're usually playing on Marshal or (Engl?) tube amps, which the ones that arrange the concerts own. We never bring our amps around really. That's one of the reasons why i want Dist and other effects at my feet, rather than just on the amp. The Spider is OK for me as i don't require that much from a amp at home yet, but i do want the Distortion easily accessible, you know what i mean..

All the amps I've been using and will use have a nice clean sound, so that's yet another reason why i want the Distortion among other effects at my feet.

And if that changing thing with the amps sounds stupid, we're pretty young still. Just playing at local gigs amongst other bands, using same amps as them.
Distortion pedals sound best through tube amps, but I think you should try:

Metal Muff
Body Rot 2
Uber Metal

to start with.
I've heard good things about the Visual Sound: Jekyl and Hyde, and I hear good things about the new Ibanez: Tube King as well.

I can't say I would recommend a metal distortion pedal to you. None of them sound very good to me. At a time my favorite was the Metal Muff but now even I can't stand it. Oh, and don't get me started on the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone.
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