Hey guys I have a few questions about this. Let me give you a bit of background too. So my band has been around for about a year now and we have played about 10 shows in the SoCal area. We are thinking about booking a short tour but we have no idea where to begin. We are based in California and would like to maybe hit California, Arizona, and Nevada (preferably Vegas).

So in conclusion, how would we go about booking shows in these states and is there anything that we might need to have in advance besides a van and a trailer and money?

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All you need to do is call up where you want to play and see if they'll have you. Maybe send them some demos to see where you are as a band.

I wouldn't get ahead of yourself, though. 10 shows isn't really a whole lot. I'd stick close to home for a while, unless you want to tour just for the sake of seeing some new towns. I don't think it would benefit your band a whole lot at this point.

I'm no expert, so if I'm wrong I'm sorry. Just my opinions.
Yes 10 shows really isnt a particularly strong foundation to go touring on...

Insteead i would suggest devoting serious time to becoming properly known in your local area, and develop a pretty good fanbase... then move on to the next closest town, but never lose touch with your home town... when you have a city or else a couple of towns behind you, then start thinking about touring...

If you are dead set on touring then.. you are going to need a van, money, duplicates of EVERYTHING, or else a reputable shop nearby every venue where you can get giggable gear on short notice should something go wrong. I would also invest in insurance. I have heard many stories of bands gear being stolen on tour.

As for booking shows, you are going to need some form of recording, at the very least a semi professional demo, ideally a professionally recorded EP, LP or album. You will also want an online base, such as a website as ell as a mysace profile(or some similar profiling network)

Also for your first tour, California is a big place.... i would suggest staying there and hitting the big cities anfd major towns. There is no point in going to a major city such as San Frnacisco, LA, San Diego, Sacramento, playing one show and then heading off again. You simply wont be remembered. in a city like San Francisco (1 million ish?) you would want to be playing at the very least Thursday Friday Sat and Sun at different venues.
yea we dont plan on touring until next summer so we will definitely more experience under our belts and also more money but i just wanted to have an idea of how to organize it once it comes. Thanks for the info everyone.
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All the above info is good for you. Also, if you're on any other forums, find guys in those area's that would be up to playing a show with you. I see quite a few people doing this, and since the other bands are in there hometown they tend to draw a descent/good crowd, this way you'll get a little more noticed. If you have a myspace, advertise it so people know. Just get your music out there as much as possible. If you're going all around, I'd strongly suggest selling merch. CD's, shirts, pins, patches ect., it will help pay for the trip and save you guys some cash while on the road.
Yeah by the time we go on tour we will have shirts, stickers and CD's. We also have maybe 2 bands that we might ask to go with us and then get bands from those places to open up for us.
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I hate seeing cute girls topless and what not, it just feels wrong.
For your first time, I'd plan a "mini tour".
That way, you can get a feel of touring without being stuck doing it for two weeks at a time.
Get an idea for it, and then next time you'll have experience and you can go out for a longer period of time.
With only 10 shows played so far I say you plan a tour that consists of at most 50 miles away from your town. Don't even leave the state, just plan 10 - 20 shows in a 50 mile radius.
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make sure you have a gig every night and it within driving distance, theres no point booking gigs that are gonna take you a couple of days to get to, it will cost you too much.

i dont know about in the US but in the UK most venues dont choose who play, its down to promoters who work with them. Get connections with promoters and other bands, anyone who might be able to hook you up with a show and a floor to sleep on afterwards.

noone from another town is going to go and see a band theyve never heard of, find a better known band in your area and see if theyll take you on tour with them. Or find local bands where your playing and see if you can open for them.

like other people are saying youd be better off playing round your state, keep at the gigging and eventually people will contact you about playing out of town
Not sure how it works in the States, but in Australia our music scene is a fair bit smaller.

I'd look at doing a couple of weekends away first: play your home town on a Thursday night, then play the next town over on Friday, another on Sat, and maybe something on the way home for Sunday.

Stay within your state, travelling too far is a waste of money.
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Yeah by the time we go on tour we will have shirts, stickers and CD's. We also have maybe 2 bands that we might ask to go with us and then get bands from those places to open up for us.

the best thing to do is ask an already "established" band if they would have you guys open for them at a show in their home area
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