I was browsing craigs list and i came upon a Dunlop Cry Baby Wah pedal. The guy selling said in his post that there was an electrical short in it. My question is how easily is this fixed and is it worth $25(the price he is selling).
depends how damaged it is. i've paid that much to fix a pedal before. if it's only a capacitor thats messed or something, you could probably fix it yourself.
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if its a short that means its grounding before the switch....if I remember correctly from electronics last year. I dont think that its worth the 25 dollar price because it might cost a bit to fix it
I would be concerned that the short did more than fry one part so I would pass if it were me. Course, the housing alone might be nice if you ever DIY a pedal

An empty wah shell with no board inside costs 47 bucks so yea even a broken wah is worth 25 bucks. An entire PC board new for a crybaby is 18 bucks but they are easy to mod and easy to fix. They arent very complicated inside.