Im upgrading to one of the new macbook pros, and im selling off my G5 that i used for music. It has a 1.8 ghz processor, upgraded 1 gig of ram, and osx 10.4 tiger preloaded on the machine. I also have ilife 08, and the rhythm, remix, and symphony jam packs for garageband. It will come shipped in the original box, and will come with a crt monitor. This thing was my main music machine, and i hate to see it go but a laptop calls....

The tower isnt in great condition, and has some good nicks on it. It works superbly though.
I will also throw in my old hp digital camera. Not music related but hey, you get it anyway.

Id like to get about $525+shipping for it, considering the ram and software upgrades, but im open to all offers, and in the end, this thing needs to go.

shoot me a message if your interested.
Yeah its powerpc. I still prefer it from a techy standpoint over the intels...im biased though.