does the type of pick influence the speed/effeciency someone can alternate pick?

my friend told me that mediums are best for alternate picking, but i use heavy picks

so should i be fine if i use heavy or shud i switch?
I use Gibson and Tortex like, 1.12 mm picks, you should be just fine, don't sweat it. . . . most of the crazy shredders use really heavy picks because you can control them easier when sweeping and alternate picking, I used to love mediums. . . . but in retrospect they suck. . . and I'm not nearly as fast with them. . . . so trust me stick to what you are with
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Not necessarily. You can play just about anything with any pick, with certain exceptions. The pick you use is more about comfort then technique. If you pick comfortably with heavy picks, then by all means use them. If you find you can play faster with medium picks, and that's your goal, then switch up. But generally speaking, there isn't X pick for technique Y. Just play with whatever's most comfortable.
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Well, it might, but I don't notice a difference, though I have some general rules.

When playing rhythm on my acoustic, I use a Fender Medium, and when I solo, I use a Gator Grip 1.5 mm. Whenever I use my electric, no matter what, unless it's like hyper rhythmic, I use the Gator Grip 1.5 mm.